Becoming a professional Wingsuit Pilot

How do I become a professional Wingsuit Pilot

The easiest and most accessible way to gain wingsuit specific experience from the start is through the wingsuit tunnel. There you can already acquire a lot of first hand knowledge and wingsuit experience without being a skydiver first. Making it a great first step and entry into the sport, even for those without any prior exposure. There you also have the option of being coached by us, and get information and training specificly aimed at your personal goals.

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If you are not already doing so, the next step will always be, start skydiving! It’s very hard to become a professional in any sport without being an active participant yourself. When its about wingsuit skydiving and basejumping, its important to first get the needed experience in the sky. Jumping with others as much as you can, and acquiring knowledge and awareness in formation skydiving and freeflying is key. Training mental and body awareness. You will need a certain amount of exposure to the sport before you can start wingsuit flying (from the airplane) and/or wingsuit basejumping (in the mountains)

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In terms of gaining the experience, working in the sport might seem like a good idea. The downside is that with low experience, you typically end up with the lower end jobs not directly related to what you want to do. There having a good job outside of the sport, and spending the money you earn in a focused way on the skills and training is the most direct way of working towards your goals.

Jobs in the sport are scarce, and typically get awarded to those with higher skill and experience. So working towards being the best you can be in skills, experience and doing so with a fun and positive attitude goes a long way.

We get asked a lot, but sadly have no work or job options available. If its something you want, you will need to work hard and invest. Just like any other sport, everyone starts at the beginning, and there are no shortcuts. Jobs will never be giving to people without the experience, regardless of good intentions. If you want to be a part of this sport, you will need to invest time, and most likely a good amount of money to get the skills that later will help you earn a living doing what you love.

Don’t forget that skydiving and wingsuit flying are amazing sports as a participant. Try to also focus on enjoying the road, and don’t become fixated at the destination. Jobs are scarce and competition is fierce, so the only way to get there is to be the best version of yourself that you can be.