Camps at Indoor Wingsuit Flying

FlyLikeBrick organizes special camps every month at Indoor Wingsuit.
The worlds first and only angled Wingsuit Tunnel located in Stockholm, Sweden.

You can join our camps for a few hours, for a day, or full week depending on your own preference.

During these camps you’ll have Jarno Cordia & Jenna Gygi as your personal instructors guiding you through the course, and getting you flying. Jarno and Jenna are currently the worlds most experienced Indoor Wingsuit Coaches and champions in the discipline.


The tunnel is suitable for absolute beginners without any skydiving experience, as well as experienced skydivers and wingsuit pilots wanting to push their skills to the next level.
We can fly anyone from age 7 and up. All coaching and use of wingsuit, helmet and more is included in the course.

To book, you have 3 options:

Intro Pack – Suitable for beginners. Feel how it is to fly a wingsuit! The theory is around 15 minutes then followed by 3 minutes of actual flight in the tunnel. You need around 1 hour of your day for this experience, and the cost is 90 Euro.

StartUp Pack (SUP) – Suitable for beginners. This is our premiere experience package for anyone who has not been to the tunnel before. It includes a 45 minute briefing, and then 30 minutes of actual flying time where we teach you all the basics. Assisted by our system of safety wires, and working towards flying fully free. The flying is spread over the day in 10 minute blocks, and we generally recommend spreading the total time over a full day. People bringing own wingsuits suitable for beginner and/or intermediate experience level, are allowed to fly their own suit from the point where they fly fully free. All suit models and brands equally welcome. The cost of the SUP is 650 Euro.

1 Hour Coached Flying – Suitable for anyone who has completed the SUP. You can book additional flying time, and get coached on everything from formation skills to backflying and advanced wingsuit acrobatics. Your own skill and speed of learning will dictate what you’ll be able to accomplish within the time you booked and you are free to book as much time as you want. We generally recommend not flying more than 45 minutes per day, related to focus and fatigue. The cost of one hour of coached flying is 895 Euro.

Its recommended to book at least a month or more in advance to assure availability and choice in flying times


Hotel, supermarket and dinner options are within walking distance. 2 Major airports (Arlanda and Bromma) are nearby with good bus connections direct to the tunnel.
People interested in coming outside of camp dates, if you have a group and want to book multiple hours of flying, we can accommodate special requests.

Do you want more information or keen to book?
Email or check out the following links

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FAQ – Link
Travel Information – Link

Note: We can only coach in time booked directly with FlyLikeBrick. Bookings made direct via Indoor Wingsuit will be handled by the internal coaches.