Indoor WS – Acrobatic Moves & Timeline

FlyLikeBrick – Team Indoor Wingsuit

Since the early conception of Indoor Wingsuit flying,  team FlyLikeBrick and its individual members have been honored to have a small part in bringing the flight and training aspects of the tunnel from concept into reality. Entering the first concept tunnel, with testing of basic flying already completed by the team of pioneers, Jarno was the first one to further showcase the possibilities. Already in the small scale proof of concept tunnel, Jarno showcased backflying, dynamic 2 way flying (together with Robert Pecnik) transitions and barrelrolls. After the full scale tunnel became a reality late 2017, the team was further involved  and grateful to be able to pioneer a lot of refined flying and teaching of technique currently on display in the tunnel. Jenna and Jarno further pushing the development of 2 way acrobatics and then where first team to showcase those efforts with a convincing podium score at the USPA Nationals 2018.
The team has also won the first 2 editions of the Indoor Wingsuit World Championships, with flawless victories (winning each round).

Documenting a timeline on the first successful demonstration of each technique indoor, we here present a list of various moves ordered by date. This page only documents the efforts and input of the team and its individual members. For further information and history, refer to

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2 Way Rotation Up and Over – Jarno Cordia, Robert Pecnik
2 Way Rotation Under – Jarno Cordia, Robert Pecnik
Backflying – Jarno Cordia
Belly to back Transitions – Jarno Cordia
Back to belly transitions – Jarno Cordia
Barrelroll – Jarno Cordia
Standing take off – Jarno Cordia
Standing landing – Jarno Cordia
Door entry take off – Jarno Cordia


Superhero touchdown  – Jarno Cordia
Barrelroll to backfly take off  – Jarno Cordia
2 Way Synchronized flying – Jarno Cordia, Pilvi Juvonen
Frontloop (floor roll) take off – Jarno Cordia
Speedways – Jarno Cordia


Net transitions – Jarno Cordia
3 way – Jarno Cordia, Philip Han, Pilvi Juvonen
3 way docked – Jarno Cordia, Philip Han, Pilvi Juvonen
Pancakes over – Jarno Cordia
Pancakes under – Jarno Cordia
Carving (inface / outface) – Jarno Cordia
Dragon Position – Jarno Cordia


2 way acro – Jarno Cordia, Bryan Campau
2 way carving (inface / outface) – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi
Dynamic 3 way Carousel – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi, Johannes Meier
Dynamic 3 way Card Shuffle – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi, Johannes Meier
2 way speedways – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi


Dynamic 4 way – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi, Johannes Meier, Patrick Reutel
Wall crawler / Spiderman – Jarno Cordia
Barrelroll over – Jarno Cordia
2 Way sync barrel rolls – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi


3 Way outface carving – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi, Johannes Meier
OnePiece Tracking – Antoine Laporte, Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi
OnePiece Tracking 2 Way – Jarno Cordia , Jenna Gygi
OnePiece Tracking Backfly – Jenna Gygi


1,5 barrelroll belly to back – Jarno Cordia
1,5 barrelroll back to belly – Jarno Cordia
Double barrelroll belly to belly – Jarno Cordia
Double barrelroll back to backJarno Cordia


2 way linked transition back to belly – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi
Canonball transitions – Jarno Cordia
Barrelroll to landing – Jarno Cordia


Indoor XRW – Jarno Cordia, Jenna Gygi