Action Camera Placement

With POV style cameras having become an integral part of our sport, we’re also seeing more and more instances where these cameras are actually contributing to safety in a very negative way. Most countries have a sensible minimum experience demand of 200 jumps (or more) before use of any type of […]


Getting Sponsored

You’re  done with AFF. You now have 205 jumps. You got that first wingsuit jump done. You did a FJC and completed 3 basejumps. Athlete page ready to go. All you need now is a load of sponsors to give you free stuff. Working for one of the biggest wingsuit manufacturers […]

Wingsuit Basejumping

A very common question in basejumping is, when am I ready to take my wingsuit  of a mountain. First of it’s important to be an experienced basejumper, and its highly recommended to go through the normal stages of progression in the sport. Making a good dozen or more low altitude […]


Wingsuit Safety Recommendations

The following document is a brief overview on general safety recommendations for wingsuit use on the drop zone. These recommendations can serve as a basis for safe DZ operation with wingsuit skydivers. Wingsuit First Flight Course A wingsuit First Flight Course (FFC) should be taught by a current wingsuit coach, recognized […]


Wingsuit Pincheck – Français

Vérifications wingsuit pour les non-pratiquants à la wingsuit Effectuer une vérification d’équipement wingsuit est presque identique à une vérification classique. En plus des points habituels tels que les aiguilles principale/secours, l’allumage et la calibration du déclencheur de sécurité, le système trois-anneaux, la sangle de poitrine, les cuissardes, ainsi que l’emport de casque, […]


Wingsuit Pincheck – Nederlands

Wingsuit Pincheck Het geven van een pin-check aan iemand met een wingsuit, is vrijwel identiek aan een normale pincheck. Naast de gebruikelijke controles (het controleren van main/reserve pin, correct ingeschakelde AAD, het driering-systeem, borstband en aanwezigheid van helm, dytter, goggles en hoogtemeter), zijn er bij het pinchecken van iemand met […]


Wingsuit Pincheck – German

Pin Check Empfehlungen für Nicht-WS-Flieger Ein Ausrüstungscheck für Wingsuitflieger ist fast identisch mit einem herkömmlichen Ausrüstungscheck. Neben den üblichen Checks von Haupt- und Rreservepin, eingeschaltetem/ kalibriertem Öffnungsautomat, 3-Ring-System, Brustgurt, Beingurte und das Vorhandensein von Helm, Brille, Höhenmesser und akustischem Höhenwarner, beinhaltet der Pincheck für Wingsuitflieger ein paar wichtige Punkte, die […]