Benoit Syben

Gender: Male
Born: 01-07-1980
Nationality: Belgian
Skydives: 2000
Wingsuit jumps: 1000
Phoenix Fly Coach and Examiner
VVP Wingsuit Coach Examiner

Benoit Syben, over 10 years skydive experience. He has always had a strong passion for active sports. Next to being an experienced participant in several martial arts, he also has broad teaching experience ranging from physical education to being a professional skiing instructor.

During a 2004 working trip in New Zealand he got a first taste of the sport of skydiving and it didn’t take long before it developed into a new passion. While on trip in 2008, Benoit was introduced to the art of wingsuit flying and the dream of human flight finally became real.

On his home dropzone of Zwartberg (aka Black Mountain) Belgium he met Jarno and they started flying together more and more. In the fall of 2011 Benoit got his Wingsuit Coach rating, and joined the ranks of FlyLikeBrick as a coach, load organiser and artistic flight performer. Together with his teammate, he is now ranked as one of the worlds top level performers in wingsuit flying and can be found traveling around the world teaching Wingsuit Flying at skydiving events everywhere.

Acrobatic Showreel



Competition Accomplishments

Coaching, Load organizing & Media

1st place - Belgian Nationals Wingsuit Performance 2016
2nd place - Benelux Wingsuit Performance Competition 2016
National Record Belgium
- Wingsuit Flying / Comp Distance: 3.596 km.
National Record Belgium - Wingsuit Flying / Comp Speed: 274.4 kmh.
National Record Belgium
- Wingsuit Flying / Comp Time: 67 Sec.
1st place
– International Acrobatic Wingsuit competition 2015
National record Belgium “Longest Freefall” 2015
1st place – International Acrobatic Wingsuit competition 2013
3rd place – International Acrobatic Wingsuit competition 2012

Mimizan, France 2015 – Hot Summer Boogie ToraTora, coaching-load organizing
Moorsele, Belgium – Flanderes Boogie 2015 – Load organizer
Utti, Finland – FinFlock 2015 – Coaching, load organizer
Texel, Netherlands 2015 – Coaching week Danish wingsuit group
Schaffen, Belgium 2015 – Several wingsuit coaching weekends
KNVvL “Parachutespringen in Nederland” documentary – Performer
Eloy, USA 2013 – Cowboy Camp ToraTora, Coaching and load organising
Siofoc -Hungary 2012 – Coaching and load organizing
Spa – Belgium 2012- Coaching week
Deutschland von oben 2012, Film/TV Series (DE) – Performer