FLB Indoor Wingsuit Packages

We have various flight packages available, including different amounts of flying time. For anyone visiting the tunnel for the first time, the Start-Up Pack (SUP) is the first step. From there flying time can be added in 15 minute up to 1 hour blocks:

Start-Up Pack (SUP) Introduction
30 Minutes Flying Time / Coaching / Gear
650,- Euro

1 Hour
60 Minutes Flying Time / Coaching / Gear
895,- Euro

15 Minutes
15 Minutes Flying Time / Coaching / Gear
225,- Euro

Book your FLB Indoor Wingsuit Camp

Please use the bellow form to make your Indoor Wingsuit Flying booking with FlyLikeBrick. Choose your package, tunneltime and coaching requests and submit to confirm your booking.
As we get closer to camp dates, tunneltime tends to fill up, and less choice in time slots will be available.

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Payment information will be sent by invoice via email, after booking is confirmed.


For anyone new to the wingsuit tunnel, its important to first follow the basic Start Up Pack (SUP) instruction. This includes all theory and coaching needed to eventually fly unassisted, without the support of the cable safety system we use on the start up. The Start Up Pack is priced a bit higher than the normal tunneltime per hour, as there is a lot of extra time spent on coaching, both in theory and in flying. The SUP has to only be completed once. After the 30 minutes of flying included with the package, you are officially classified as a 'pro-flyer' meaning you can now buy your tunnel time per minute and/or hour blocks.

Note: Bookings made direct with the tunnel, and time on personal accounts can not be used towards the FlyLikeBrick Tunnel Camps.
Only through direct booking is it possible to reserve time with your prefered coach on our team.


Its possible to book time in blocks of 15 minutes, up to complete hours of coached flying. For those who have never been to Indoor Wingsuit before, its important to first go through the Start Up Pack (SUP) which teaches you all the essentials of flying your wingsuit in this new and more precise environment. The SUP also is the basis for working towards flying fully free in the tunnel. More details on the coaching and progression can be found here.

Start Up Pack (SUP)

This includes:
Coaching with FLB
Free use of a wingsuit and helmet
30 Minutes of flying time
Video (free download link)

650 Euro

Tunnel Time

Free use of a Wingsuit and Helmet
Video  (free download link)

1 hour with Coaching - 895 Euro

Note: Time can be booked in 15 minute blocks, or per hour.

Wingsuit Training

We recommend flying 30 minutes up to 45 minutes max per day.
As wingsuit flying involves quite active use of shoulders and arms, anything beyond this time can be tiring to a level where it starts to influence the speed of learning.

With practice and training, pro-flyers are able to fly up to 2 hours per day, but it can take a week or more of almost daily flying to slowly expand on the initial recommended max 45 minutes.

Cancellation & Refund Policy

Due to expenses for hotel, flight and purchased tunnel time on our side,
we sadly do need to have a refund and cancellation policy.

Cancellation after confirmed booking(more than 4 weeks prior to 1st camp date) - 15% charge
Cancellation after invoicing (within 4 weeks or closer to 1st camp date) - 50% charge
Cancellation less than 2 weeks in advance of 1st camp day / No Show - 100% charge

Note: Time booked needs to be flown, and can't be transferred to later dates.
Failure to show up or cancel in time will result in booked time being charged. 

  Got questions? Contact us for details.