FLB Advanced Coach Course

FlyLikeBrick will organise a unique advanced wingsuit coaching course. Not aimed at wingsuit gear, formation flying or first flights, but detailed theoretical knowledge on actual flying technique based on 15 years of wingsuit flying experience, and over 400 hours of flying at Indoor Wingsuit Stockholm. Intended to guide and progress students from beginner to expert level, as well as own practical skills progression and demands as a coach.

The course will be of tremendous added value for both Indoor and 'outdoor' wingsuit coaches, wanting to expand their knowledge and skills. 

The course will cover a range of flying technique and training subjects. Each subject will have a detailed breakdown on how to explain the technique to students, how to show the student in freefall, level of skill required and what things to practice and train for, what to pay attention for in student body language, briefing technique, and what exercises to do with a student to teach skills in stages as well as problematic students.

  • 3D Movement and body awareness
  • Exit Technique
  • Deployment
  • Backflying
  • Transitions
  • Carving
  • Headdown Carving
  • Performance Flying / PPC
  • Acrobatic Tips and Divepool Breakdown

This course will be of great added value to any indoor or outdoor wingsuit pilot wishing to venture into coaching, or simply create a better understanding of ones own flying.
If wishful, the course can be combined with practical coaching at Indoor Wingsuit Flying in the week, directly following the Advanced Coaching Course.

Date: 10-13 January 2019
Course Cost: 1390.- Euro
Limited slots