Team Fly Like Brick is proud to offer first flight courses, beginner and advanced 1 on 1 coaching and load organising.
Here is an overview on the offered training packages and options.

On public coaching events we will coach anyone present for individual jump fees listed here. Coach availability isn't always guaranteed.
If you’re looking for dedicated 1 on 1 coaching for full day(s), we offer more specific full day coaching packages (may include additional travel expenses for certain locations)

First Flight Course

Interested in trying a first wingsuit jump? We can teach you! We’ll take you through all the steps. From rigging up a suit, to all pre-flight and in-flight procedures, in accordance to international standards for wingsuit training. Check for details on experience levels needed. We will fly with you on your first jump. Guiding you on the ground as well as in the air. Assisting you with on gearup, pinchceck, navigation and altitude awareness, and of course shooting good video for debriefing (and YouTube/Facebook fame).

€35 + instructors slot

This includes:
Ground instruction (60/90 minutes)
Free use of a wingsuit.
Debrief & solo clearance (logbook signature + logbook FFC sticker)
Copy of your video (bring USB stick or SD Card)

1 on 1 Coaching

We can help you work on flying faster, falling slower, flying relative, docking or loops, rolls, backflying, carving and much, much more.

Get trained and taught by the experts! We’ll do a thorough briefing before and after the jump, and the whole dive itself will be recorded on video. Using custom coaching techniques built uppon years of experience, we will work with you to refine and hone your flying skills. Building on previous jumps, as well as giving you exercises to practice with your friends on your home DZ. If you’re interested in improving your flying, this might be the thing for you… Coaching is possible with multiple people as well, doing 2 on 1 to even 4 on 1 jumps to practice formation flying and acrobatic skills as a group or team.

€250 Full Day Coaching Package

Full day of dedicated 1 on 1 coaching for either individuals or teams at complete beginner or advanced levels

Excluding slots for student and coach.
If travel is involved, or coaching spanning multitple days, additional expenses (food/travel/lodging) may be added

We also offer several dedicated jump packages, working on specific skills:


Formation Flying & Basic Skills
10 Jump Basic flying skills package.
1 on 1 skills camp, spanning 2 to 3 days. Entry level (possible with inclusion of FFC)


Docking and Artistic flying skills
10 Jump Basic flying skills package.
1 on 1 skills camp, spanning 2 to 3 days. Beginner level (basic experience recommended)


Backflying Basics
10 Jump Back flying package.
1 on 1 skills camp, spanning 2 to
3 days.
Intermediate level.


Backflying Acrobatics and Docking
10 Jump Back flying package. 1 on 1 skills camp, spanning 2 to 3 days.
Basic Backflying skills mandatory.

For the more advanced flyer we offer our unique carving package:


Carving Package
Our unique 10 Jump Carving Packages.
An experienced 1 on 1 skills camp, spanning 2 to 3 days.
Advanced Backflying skills mandatory.

Load Organizing & 1 on 1 photo/video jump

Especially aimed at small groups of low to medium experienced flyers, we’ll take you through all the safety issues involved with wingsuit formation flying. We’ll organise your group throughout the day, with a good briefing before the jump, and will join you in the formation or as an outside cameraman (depending on the group and your wishes).

Do you manage a dropzone or are you organising a boogie?
We can run first flight courses, give 1 on 1 coaching or do load organising. Bringing lots of jumpers to your dropzone.
Are you interested in having us around for a day, weekend or week?

€35 + instructors slot

This includes:
Prejump briefing
In flight coaching
Photo and/or video (bring USB stick or SD Card) for non-commercial/personal use
After jump debrief and tips

For commercial skydive and basejumping assignments/coaching, different rates apply. 
Contact us for details.

Terms and Conditions

For full day / multiple day bookings, we charge €100 per day in case of bad weather plus expenses.
In case of last minute cancellations, we are forced to charge any expenses already made for travel or lodging