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Are you looking to add an exclusive wow factor to your Festival, Sports Venue, Company event, Grand Opening, TV Show or Movie Stunt
We have a Wingsuit Display Team for you, ready to impress.











The Team

Wingsuit Team FlyLikeBrick is currently the worlds most experienced wingsuit team.
With a combined experience of over 6000 Wingsuit Skydives, and more than 1200 hours of Wingsuit Tunnel flying they are the current Champions and World Cup winners for both Indoor Wingsuit (Tunnel) and Outdoors (Skydive).
The team has a broad resume of promotional flights, and is able to safely execute display jumps for your promotional shoot, media item or event.

On top of the core team, we are able to source from a broad talent pool of select world class wingsuit pilots, to provide bigger groups should your request need so.





Jenna Gygi



Jarno Cordia





Event Options


Wingsuit Smoke Jump
Wingsuit Skydivers create a clearly visible formation flight in the skies over your event.


Night Flight
One or multiple jumpers flying with bright illuminated suits with LED and/or Fireworks


Flag Jump
One or multiple jumpers landing with a flag or banner or special items such as a football, wine or cup to accompany the opening of your event.


Group Jumps
We can supply most of our event options in teams varying from 1 all the way up to 20+ people


Building Basejump
We are able to perform basejumps from buildings or other solid structures of 80 meter and up at your event.


Wingsuit BASEjump / FlyBy
We are able to perform wingsuit basejumps from cliffs, buildings and other solid structures of 350 meter and up.
Wingsuit flyby's past buildings or structures over 200 meters are also possible.

Display & Event Resume

We have worked with brands such as Intel, KFC, McDonalds, Red Bull, Ministry of Defense / State Department, Fitbit and Cadbury Chocolate
We created promotional items for Discovery Channel, Smithsonian Channel, MSNBC and ProSieben.
We have been featured with stunts in Movies and TV Shows such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Operation Red Sea and various videoclips
The team represents Switzerland at a world level as the National Swiss Wingsuit Team in FAI/ISC WS Acrobatics.

We have a resume of over 50 different promotional events with flight demonstrations, a small sample resume:

Rotterdam, Netherlands - Basejump Event - Building Basejump
Tianmen Mountains, China - Wigsuit Target Hit - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Arizona, United States - Red Bull "Aces" - Wingsuit Display (Target Hit, Smoke)
Tianmen Mountains, China - WWL - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Overijsel, Netherlands - ElseFly - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Bremerhaven, Germany - Promotional Event - Wingsuit Night Display (LED)
Duinrel, Netherlands - Amusement Park, Ride Opening - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Delft, Netherlands - Wingman - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Tianmen Mountains, China - WWL - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Apeldoorn, Netherlands - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Rotterdam, Netherlands - Euromast - Wingsuit Proximity Display
California, United States - Soboba Speedflying School - Wingsuit Proximity Display
Barneveld, Netherlands - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Hoek van Holland, Netherlands - Measlantkeering - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Nijmegen, Netherlands - Opening Ceremony, Govert Stadium - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Bielefeld, Germany - Balloon Festival - Wingsuit Display (Smoke)
Amsterdam, Netherlands - "Urban Action Event" DSM Werf - Parachute Display

We are also able to organize custom company events and seminars
If wishfull combined with Active windtunnel or skydiving experiences for participants (without prior experience) 

Pricing and Contact Information