Tunnel Camp, Coaching & Event Calendar

In the calendar below you will find all our camps and events we will be organizing and attending this year
For an overview on past events we've organized, check out the event archive.

Each date has an indicator with available percentage of time left per day:
Full white meaning all time is still free, and full orange meaning no more time available.


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camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75

3 - 9 February - Sweden, Indoor Wingsuit Coaching
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camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_75 camp_vert_100 camp_vert_100 camp_vert_100

23 - 29 March - Sweden, Indoor Wingsuit Coaching
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Note: Friday to Sunday 100% Booked/No time available

 camp_vert_90 camp_vert_90 camp_vert_90 camp_vert_90 camp_vert_90 camp_vert_90

14 - 19 April - Sweden, Indoor Wingsuit Coaching
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23 - 27 April - Texel, Netherlands, Mini-March of the Penguins
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camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25

25 - 31 May - Sweden, Indoor Wingsuit Coaching
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camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25 camp_vert_25

15-21 June - Sweden, Indoor Wingsuit Coaching
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5 - 11 July - Texel, Netherlands, March of the Penguins 2020
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For bigger bookings its possible to extend our availability.

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