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Indoor Wingsuit Flying

Indoor Wingsuit Flying is a perfect learning environment for those interested in wingsuit flying. We are able to cater to a variety of customers, and offer coaching at various levels.
Jarno and Jenna are among the most experienced indoor wingsuit pilots and coaches in the world.

For those without any prior skydiving experience, Indoor Wingsuit Flying is the perfect place to get an introduction in the sport. You get to experience the sensation of flying in a safe and controlled environment, and through coaching can progress to a high level of skill as an indoor wingsuit pilot.

If you are an experienced skydiver looking to have a good preparation for an outdoor Wingsuit First Flight Course (FFC), we also offer a variety of skills exercises specifically for training.  The indoor wingsuit training will allow you to start flying outdoors with a very high level of skill already present, and speed up the progression a lot.

For experienced wingsuit pilots, the windtunnel is an ideal place to practice and hone skills at a higher level. The continuous flying allows for dedicated training on flight basics, 2 way and 3 way formation drills, together with more advanced acrobatics and various tunnel specific (take of and landing) techniques. Regardless of skill level and experience, the windtunnel will give wingsuit pilots a major boost in skill. 

Note: Indoor Wingsuit experience does not remove the need to have a good basis of (200+) normal skydives before commencing with a Wingsuit FFC.