Indoor Wingsuit Flying

Indoor Wingsuit Flying is a perfect learning environment for those interested in wingsuit flying.
Experience wingsuit pilots looking to learn or perfect their skills, or non skydivers without any prior flying experience.

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When booking with FlyLikeBrick, you will get coached by the worlds leading experts in wingsuit training and acrobatics.
You get to experience the sensation of flying in a safe and controlled environment, and through coaching can progress to a high level of skill as an indoor wingsuit pilot.

For experienced skydivers we also offer skills specific packages aimed at XRW training, Team Acrobatics or FFC preparation.

FLB Indoor Wingsuit Camps

FlyLikeBrick organizes special camps every month at Indoor Wingsuit.
The worlds first and only angled Wingsuit Tunnel located in Stockholm, Sweden.

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You can join our camps for a few hours, for a day, or full week depending on your own preference.

During these camps you'll have Jarno Cordia & Jenna Gygi as your personal instructors guiding you through the course, and getting you flying.
Jarno and Jenna are currently the worlds most experienced Indoor Wingsuit Coaches and champions in the discipline both in the sky and tunnel.

Check here for our camp dates


We can fly anyone from age 7 and up. All coaching and use of wingsuit, helmet and more is included in the booking, without additional cost.
Its already possible to book an introduction package (including 3 minutes of flying time) for 90.- Euro

For those keen to fly more and get coached we offer an hour price of


Bookings are possible from 30 minutes and up.
For bigger bookings we do offer bulk discounts on time. Check the booking and pricing page for more information.
We advise to fly max 30 to 45 minutes per day to maximize your focus and minimize fatigue.


Hotel, supermarket and dinner options are within walking distance of the tunnel,
2 Major airports (Arlanda and Bromma) are nearby with good bus connections.

People interested in coming outside of camp dates, if you have a group and want to book multiple hours of flying, we can accommodate special requests.

Do you want more information or keen to book?
Email or check out our Camp DatesFAQ and Travel Information

Note: We can only coach in time booked directly with FlyLikeBrick. Bookings made direct via Indoor Wingsuit will be handled by the internal coaches.