Indoor Wingsuit Flying Progression

Training follows a methodical progression to maximize learning, and make sure that each level of flying expands on correct technique.
Your coach is the only person able to make a call on the level of your flying, and it's strictly forbidden to practice drills not yet approved for by a coach.

The progression follows the following steps:
Projected learning time shows the minimum, and average time costumers spend on each step. Progression speed through the various levels is determined by your own skills and speed of learning. This will differ from person to person and quoted times are in no way meant as a definitive guide.


Start Up Pack / Assisted Flight:

Tethered Flying
The first flights in the tunnel will happen connected to a 2 point safety harness. The harness allows for free movement through the tunnel, but limits the flyer from touching the walls and floor.
In the harness the wingsuit pilot will train on general control and steering inputs, 3D positioning, docking, starts and landings from the floor and net, plus various fun drills and instability exercises.

Projected learning time: 15 minutes - 45 minutes

Belly Tether / Flight Line:

Free flight with a safety line
Once a wingsuit pilot has completed all exercises suspended from the tether, the next step is free flight. For safety reasons, a belly tether is still used.
A short repeat of various exercises done in the tethered setup, assures the wingsuit pilot is ready for full unassisted flight.

Projected learning time: 5 minutes - 30 minutes

Unassisted Flight:

Free Flight Clearance
Once a wingsuit pilot has successfully passed all tasks in both the tethered and flight line stage, full free flying is up. A short repeat of all drills is done to assure fully controlled flight, and from there a wingsuit pilot receives full flight clearance.

It's at this stage that a wingsuit pilot is allowed to switch to their personal wingsuit, if fitting the small/intermediate size catagory. Advanced class wingsuits are at this point not allowed yet untill tunnel glide/angle can accomodate the broader performance range spring of 2018.

Projected learning time: 15 minutes / 90 minutes

Formation Flying:

2-way formation flying
From the stages of solo flying, the next step in progression is formation flying. In 2 way formations with the coach, the student is taught docking on a person in flight, together with a series of maneuvers passing over and under other pilots.
Once passed this stage, a wingsuit pilot is cleared for formation flying. This means 2 and 3 way formations with other pro-flyer customers and time-sharing are now allowed.

Projected learning time: 30 minutes / 90 minutes


Basics and formation flight

Its important to already have a good spatial awareness in the tunnel. Once fully skilled at formation flying, the next step is backflying. With coach assistance, backflying is taught with the correct technique, and from there expanded to  docks and 2 way formation flying.

Projected learning time: 60 minutes / 120 minutes

Acrobatics and Dynamic Flight:

Transitions and Rolls

Once fully skilled and in full control at backflying, transitions are the next step. Once the transitions are fully mastered, 2 way dynamic flying is the next step. Expanding to more advanced transitions and barrelrolls from the acrobatic divepool.

Projected learning time: 90 minutes / 240 minutes