Tunnel Information

The tunnel is located at:

Indoor Wingsuit Flying, Stockholm
Ranhammarsvägen 14
168 67 Stockholm-Bromma

Flight Information

The tunnel can be reached via two of the main airports:

Arlanda Intl. Airport (ARN)
Located +- 1 hour from the windtunnel
Door to door transport available through FlygbusSarna from all terminals at Arlanda to Voltavägen.
Second last stop on the Kista/Sundbyberg/Bromma route. 

Stockholm Bromma Airport (BMA)
Located +- 15 minutes walk from the windtunnel
Or around 6 minutes by Taxi. For Taxi transport in and around the city, we recommend using the online UBER app, as pricing always comes in a bit lower than the normal taxi fares.

Hotel Information

There are several hotels near the windtunnel. Closest is the Mornington Hotel.
A good hotel within 5 minute walking distance of the tunnel, with sauna, gym, breakfast and bar restaurant (open from 17:00 to 22:00)

Mornington Hotel
Norrbyvägen 30
168 69 Stockholm-Bromma

Tourist Information

City Gross
The local supermarket, only a 5 minute walk from the wingsuit tunnel.
Note the wingsuit tunnel does not have a bar or sales pint for drinks, so its recommended to bring your own water and food for the day.

Bromma Blocks
Within 10 minute walking distance from the wingsuit tunnel, Bromma Blocks is a big shopping mal with various (sports) stores, restaurants and more.
A good mid day refuge for those looking to grab some food or shop for last-minute shopping.

For those wanting to grab breakfast, lunch or a good coffee, Vivels is the place to go. 
The small bakery is only located at only 3 minutes walk from the wingsuit tunnel, and offers a nice variety of healthy eating options.

Affordable open kitchen for those keen to grab a quick bite. Located only 2 minutes walk from the windtunnel.

The local fast food chain, for those with a taste for fries, burgers and more.
Within 5 minute walking distance of the wingsuit tunnel.

VREX -  Virtual Reality Arcade
Within 5 minutes walking distance from the wingsuit tunnel, VRex offers a Virtual Reality experience like no other.
This 20 minute adventure is worth doing, and granted to put  big smile on your face.

Bodyflight Stockholm
A fan of freeflying or formation skydiving? Visit the vertical windtunnel, located only 5 minutes walk from the wingsuit tunnel.

VASA Museum
See the incredible VASA Battleship, which sank on her maiden voyage in 1628, recovered and placed on display in 1961.
A museum well worth visiting for those with an interest in history.