Wingsuit Skills Guide

This page contains a learning guide that helps you asses your flying skills. The list is a set of clearly defined training goals for wingsuit pilots, and can also function as an aid for load organizers, wingsuit coaches and DZ Owners in correctly assessing your own level. This will help you pick groups at events, people to jump with of the same level, as well as picking a coach that is able to cater to your skills needs. 

We have five basic levels of flying, each one awarded to you with a letter.
Use the list as a training reference to practice and increase your wingsuit flying skills.

Click here to download your free copy of the FlyLikeBrick Skills Guide in PDF

Note: We used to have a public database with wingsuit pilots, but due to the new laws that come with the GDPR we can no longer offer these records, and we have removed all previous wingsuit pilot data from our systems.

level A: basic safety skills

Wingsuit pilot meets minimum requirements of 200 freefall jumps
Wingsuit pilot meets the basic wingsuit training requirements
Ability and knowledge required for controlled exit, flight, navigation and pull
Cleared for solo flying
Recommended maximum 2 way, with other experienced wingsuit pilot or coach

level B: basic formation flying, basic acrobatics

Controlled front loops
Controlled barrel-rolls
Flying safely in formations, including aspects such as exit, approach, and separation.
Recommended maximum 9 way (static) formation with proper dive planning and guidence

level C: slotted formations, multi-point formations

Safe and disciplined flying of a specific designated slot in formations.
Ability to tightly fly a slot in a formation for the full duration of the jump
Participating in multi-point formations.

level D: docking, back-flying basics, advanced formation flying skills

Smooth and controlled docks for sustained periods of time.
Safely flying a stacked slot in a vertical formation.
Exiting stable on their back.
Flying stable on their back while navigating.

level E: advanced docks & back-flying

Flying with clean technique and smooth, deliberate movements only
Capable of slot flying and actively taking docks while back-flying.
Actively adjusting forward speed and fall-rate while back-flying.