Team History

Dutch wingsuit skydivers Costyn van Dongen and Jarno Cordia had been flying wingsuits since 2003. They both loved exploring very creative ways of flying, often referred to as acrobatics. Next to their own personal fun flying pursuits, they also had a strong involvement in helping other beginner wingsuit pilots further their skills via tips and coaching.

Together with German software developer Klaus Reinwald of Paralog, Costyn and Jarno helped develop the initial online Paralog Wingsuit Performance Competition (PPC) as a fun means to compare performance results online, a format that due to Klaus’ efforts would later grow into a successful international competition standard. After several years of fun flying together, they decided in early 2006 to form a more official team, and under that banner they would seek to push wingsuit flying, and especially the acrobatic style of flying.

As FlyLikeBrick they increased their activity within the international wingsuit flying scene, organizing events throughout Europe, and often flying with various talented pilots from all over the world, challenging each other’s skills. Young Spanish wingsuit pilot Alejandro Lopez was added to the team as a third member near the end of 2006, as the three were often playing around in the sky on the same dropzone of Schaffen, Belgium. Together with several other talented wingsuit flyers, the members of FlyLikeBrick got invited to join the Birdman factory team around 2007. As a team they helped the company test, research and develop several new wingsuit models.

In 2008 their creative flying ideas gave birth to the first acrobatic wingsuit flying competition at Skydive Spa, in Belgium. This involved flying a series of compulsory figures in teams of two performers together with a cameraman. The event was well-received and supported by factory teams and judges from Phoenix-Fly, S-Fly and Tony Suits. The competition format has been successfully applied yearly ever since, and has also sprung many national versions in Australia, Germany, Switzerland, Argentina and beyond.

The flying they did as a team did not go unnoticed, culminating in an invite from Phoenix-Fly, one of the leading wingsuit manufacturers, to fly and represent the brand. Over the years this alliance and team synergy with Phoenix-Fly grew into assisting the company with testing and development of new wingsuit models, in addition to traveling around the world as brand ambassadors.

In the years that followed, FlyLikeBrick team members organized many wingsuit events across the globe. Both individually and as a team, they participated and scored podium places at various competitions.

In 2011, talented Belgian wingsuit pilot Benoit Syben joined FlyLikeBrick, replacing Alejandro as he moved from the team’s training location in Belgium back to Spain. From that point onward, Benoit and Jarno made up the core of the team as performers. They continued the team’s proud history, partaking in acrobatic wingsuit competitions at an international level and always displaying their trademark style of clean flying and positive attitude.

Rob Bakker joined the team in 2013 as the new cameraman, replacing founding member Costyn upon his family move to Curacao. Together with Rob the team took home 1st place at the Intl. Acrobatic Wingsuit Competition in 2013, and again in 2015. In 2015 FAI/IPC recognized the Acrobatic and Performance flying formats as official competition disciplines, crowning the team’s efforts by adopting the competition format as an international standard.

Team Media

FlyLikeBrick at the 3rd Intl. Acrobatic Wingsuit Competition
Performers: Alejandro Lopez, Jarno Cordia
Camera: Costyn van Dongen

FlyLikeBrick at the 5th Intl. Acrobatic Wingsuit Competition
Performers: Alejandro Lopez, Jarno Cordia
Camera: Costyn van Dongen