Team FlyLikeBrick consists of highly experienced, active and enthusiastic wingsuit pilots. Flying wingsuits is what we do best, special suits with inflatable membranes between the arms and legs, which turns the human body into a big wing. No engines, no rigid structures. Just pure human flight.
FlyLikeBrick is in essence a platform to push and develop the discipline of wingsuit flying. With over 7000 jumps and 800 hours of accumulated experience flying in the skies as well as coaching and flying in the tunnel at Indoor Wingsuit, the team hosts the worlds most experienced coaches in Wingsuit Acrobatics. Experts for demonstrations, commercial media events and specialized stunts for TV and film.
The team is also the pioneer and inventor of the International Acrobatic Wingsuit Competition formula (now accepted as an official FAI/IPC competition discipline and basis for many events worldwide). Individual members flying wingsuit since 2003, and the team founded in 2006 they have since then racked up an impressive list of podium results at skydiving and basejumping wingsuit competitions worldwide.


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