Stunts and Aerial Cinematography

FlyLikeBrick offers high quality aerial camerawork and skydiving and base jumping stunts for film, television
and promotional events. Our cameraman and wingsuit pilots are experts in the field or aerial stunts with a
background in traditional AV/post-production, giving them a clear understanding of the Film and Commercial
production process. 

We're able to assist in script, storyboard and planning or technical advise on your production, as well as
facilitating and organizing highly specialized aerial stunts, backed by more than 15 years of experience in the



For a broader showcase of our work, check out our video account on YouTube

Gear and Camera Equipment

Our team has a broad experience working on TV commercials and aerial stunts for movie shoots.
We can shoot air to air video and/or photos using various equipment and specialized custom made helmets 
used to mount our DSLR and Action cameras. Its also possible to use specialized mounts on various places
on the body for additional creative POV angles. The cameras we use have been carefully selected for size and
quality and allow us to shoot in 4K / Raw. We also offer the option of using custom camera equipment,
as long as it fits within the size/weight limits that can be head/helmet mounted.

Wingsuit and additional parachute equipment can be custom produced in various colors with company logos 
and/or advertising visible. Account for longer production times needed to manufacture certain types of equipment.

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